The Elusive Targets, the Hitman missions that appear for a limited (real) time period and only occasionally, I'm coming back today, with some differences. Increase the time to search for your target, which is again Sergei Larin, The Forger: If at first turn Larin was only available for 48h, this time you will have ten days of time to give him hunting.

Information on Elusive Targets is few. We know Larin is in Paris, the rest is up to Ian Hitman. The game offers the possibility to restart an attempt that has already begun, but if Larin manages to sow you, or if Hitman dies, the opportunity to complete the job will be lost forever (or until IO Interactive gives us a third chance, probably ).

Completing the blow against an Elusive Target will unlock the outfit, and if you want to be sure you will not miss the next iterations, companion app of Hitman (available for Android and iOS) will notify you of the arrival of new Elusive Targets. This is certainly a nice way to cheat waiting while IO Interactive works to the next Hitman.