Electronic Arts, following fan fury, has momentarily deactivated microtransmissions Star Wars Battlefront 2. The chance to buy currency with real money has disappeared from both Origin and PlayStation and Microsoft stores in the early hours of this morning. Shortly thereafter, EA issued a long statement signed by the head of DICE, Oskar Gabrielson.

The company realized that by approaching the title launch around the world, many fans have declared themselves unsatisfied with design.

"We've been worried about giving unfair advantages to players and we've realized that this is shadowing an otherwise exceptional game It was never our intention. Sorry if we did not understand it well. "

According to sources of VentureBeat, the boss of Disney Bob Iger he phoned EA's boss Andrew Wilson just before reversing to U, to discuss just about Star Wars Battlefront 2. In short, the tall planes were made after the severe damage to the image of the game. We look forward to new developments.