Everyone, at least once in a lifetime, we played at Mario Kart o Crash Team Racing and from that day surely our desire to drive a go kart it has skyrocketed. Doing it is not something impossible, but certainly the experience cannot be compared to what it is possible to live playing on the aforementioned titles: simple tracks and "little" adrenaline don't pay homage to winding curves and original video game design.

Fortunately, however, it will no longer be so thanks to the opening, in the spring, of the Niagara Speedway in Canada: The track will be unique in its kind with a high 12 meter spiral ending in a corrugated ramp, described by Clifton Hills as something that "combines the traditional go kart style with the fun and adrenaline of an unconventional track, which will put to the test not only the driving skills, but also the desire to dare the pilots".

Of course, for us Italians it is not just around the corner, but knowing that from the spring of next year Mario Kart will be a little closer to the concept of reality (not virtual), can only make us happy with the opening of the Niagara Speedway!