I did not know I cut to give the article. I was undecided to make it a worthy stain from the Smerigliatore, or to make it an opportunity for a lucid analysis which, more than controversy against the attackers, was solidarity with the victims. I chose the second option, believing the most consonant and respectful formula for such a happening. Of course, a pinch of healthy and pure anger is inevitable, anger that I decided to vent with the cover image, "FUCK ISIS". Although it is not an action specifically claimed by the latter, choosing the best-known initiate is to point (and condemn) any type of Islamic action and extremist thought. Do not hurt, of course, Muslims respectful of law but, above all, respectful of life. I just regret that today many of you have to be "ashamed", to go wrong, when Christians (and not only), some years ago did even worse. It's just a matter of timing.
Certainly, in the 800 somebody had tried to open our eyes:
"Religion is the hiccup of an oppressed creature, the feeling of a heartless world, the spirit of a spiritless state. It is the opium of peoples. ", Karl Marx.
Concluding: Muslim friends, you are not wrong. No more than Christian and allied colleagues, at least.
But if you both started to use your energies, your sincere hopes of change into something that is really revolutionary, today we could stop talking about ISIS, KKK, mafiosi who take to head journalists. But this is another story. Let's go over the news.

Comic Con

The 2, 3 and 4 November took place in Tripoli, Libya, the second edition of Libya Comic Con, the first ever fair to bring such content to those territories. Everything is beautiful, but above all in order: the organizers, in fact, had all the necessary permissions to set up the event. Unfortunately, no permit was enough to prevent them SDF (Special Deterrent Forces), heavily radicalized military police, raid the event and arrest 20 people. 6 are still retained, the rest have been released after being shaved and shaved. The accusations, as you can imagine, are one of the more blatant of the other and all perfectly related to the jihadist style. It all comes from content sharing by Comic Con on social media, sharing that has led to "extensive public dissemination of critical attitudes". Attitudes that "Touched the moral and modesty of the Libyan people" and which promoted events that "Come from abroad and exploit the weakness of religious faith and the charm of foreign cultures." Not only.
All arrested were also accused of: "agnosticism, atheism, having Masonic ideas, believing in Halloween, distorting the minds of young people, and abandoning Islam. "
As a result of physical repression, media censorship could not be missed: the official Facebook Lybia Comic Con event was eliminated, as well as videos of David Mack, one of the organizers of the fair.

Comic Con

On behalf of the whole editorial team of Video Games, we express our sincere solidarity with all the organizers, the participants, but especially the arrested of Libya Comic Con. We also want to thank them not only for the courage they had, but also for trying to bring the glow of reason in political and social conditions swallowed by the darkness of hate and primitive intransigence. As a videogame community, we can only be proud to know that this attempt has been made even through video games, which confirm that they can cover increasingly important roles in our society.

"Sleep of reason generates monsters"... and we have to be ready to deal with them, not just in-game. Now more than ever.