Nintendo e YouTube over the years they did not get along very well; the Japanese company has in fact often put a spoke in the wheel of youtubers who used its gameplay and live games dedicated. It even went so far as to create a special program for monetization on YouTube called Nintendo Creators Program, with which the company dictated some constraints and limits for content handling in videos.

The thing has never liked the youtuber, but there seems to be changes in the way, as stated by Ryan Wyatt, the head of the YouTube gaming section:

Nintendo is spending a lot of time assessing how to tackle their content creator community and how to manage monetization. Youtubers can create Nintendo livestream and monetize through our non-commercial products. There is a better question about what they want to do in the future, but I think there are ways to improve and better optimize how to work with creators.

We are still at the beginning, but it seems that at last Nintendo has decided to lighten the vice and make the publication with relative monetization on its videos to content creators YouTube.