In Star Wars: Battlefront II, heroes must be unlocked before they can be used in the game. Unlocking takes place with the acquisition of credits, which are obtained by playing: they serve about 40h of game for each unlockable hero. Understandably, the mechanics did not go down to the fans they paid for expecting a complete game, and they interpreted it all as a tactic to encourage the purchase of loot boxes. EA has decided to defend its decision on Reddit, and the result was catastrophic.

EA argued that grind is an attempt to give players the feeling of having achieved something and achieving a goal rather than an attempt to encourage paid shortcuts. The community did not do well and the comment in question broke every record: the previous comment with more downvotes in Reddit's history had obtained "only" 24.200 while EA commentary came, at the date of writing this article, to 166.000 downvotes, with links in virtually every subreddit even just remotely linked to the subject. Image damage could have immediate economic consequences, commenting as "I got the feeling I did something by deleting my preorder of the game." Someone will have a bad awakening in the US in a few hours ...