Call of Duty: WW2 came out two weeks ago and, despite having had a great launch, is still suffering from a number of problems, especially the multiplayer component. Last week, the first major update of the game was released, which, besides repairing some things, has broken other.

The multiplayer component to 48 players continues to be a lonely experience unless they are inviting their friends manually.

Developers, Sledgehammer, have published a post on the blog that addresses the constant complaints about servers and disconnections, shares the frustration of the players and promises a return to normality.

Thank you all for the continuous support. It was a whirl from the launch: we see millions of fans playing us every day but we also know that we have problems, there is frustration, we recognize it and we understand it. While our previous update, released on Friday, solved several critical issues, unfortunately also had a negative impact on server performance. As a result, we have moved to P2P servers. Overall, the game is stable. Our goal of returning to dedicated servers is our priority.