It would be nice to live in certainties, or maybe not: Dreaming hoping for something is still a reason for discussion, although sometimes daring too much could lead to great disappointments, but we hope that's not the case. A user on Reddit has in fact stated that a source has provided some details on many games out on Nintendo Switch, which of course we have to deal with as just rumor.

Bandai Namco would currently be working on the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Ball FighterZ thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 (in its updated 4.15 version), the game should see the light for the fall / winter of the 2018. The software house is also in development Soul Calibur VI, presumably announced by the end of the year for all consoles but with the confirmation that the game will also be released on Nintendo Switch during a Nintendo Direct scheduled for January.

Also news about Nintendo itself, which would be pressing Game Freak to get the "8a generation of Pokemon by next year. The highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4 would be entrusted to Bandai Namco and should show off in the first images and video footage in the early 2018, probably always during January's Nintendo Direct. Also a new one Animal Crossing is in development and it should also be released by next year, or at least these are Nintendo's intentions. Then there is the discourse Virtual Console, which will return to switches differently from what we have always known: a subscription that will provide us with "loan" for various previous console games. The so loved Mother 3 it would be real, with a localization for the West that would finally delight the whole community of fans.

You end up with Square Enix which, according to the source, would be developing The World Ends With You 2 exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and with Blizzard, to work to bring Hearthstone on the Japanese hybrid console. Let's remember that all of these are just rumor, but if they turn out to be real they would make the Nintendo 2018 already rich in quality titles.