Rainbow Six Siege will soon have a new map (and three new characters) as part of Operation White Noise, the latest free expansion for the second season. White Noise includes three new characters and the Mok Myeok Tower, a futuristic skyscraper that stands out in the skyline of Seoul and is equipped with all the amenities: a restaurant, a night club, an art gallery, an indoor garden and presumably , a lot of corruption and terrorism.

Ubisoft today spoke of the coming level and of the design choices: in the intentions, the map should offer the possibility for long-range collisions, so be careful about the camper! But the closer you get to the center, the more clashes will be on your body. Although there is still no official release date for Operation White Noise, but during the Pro League finals in Sao Paulo, 18 and 19 November, developers are planning to reopen the Siege topic and various expansions, so we'll keep the ears!