Welcome to the corner of 'Accattino cari sparagnosauri, today we are going to treat one of the supreme baskets (I say it equally) which have never been treated in this section voted for sparagno. Without losing any particular preamble, let's see what it is.

The game in question is Watch Dogs, a title that deserves to be played, for better reason free. For the few profane who have not known him deeply or worse, they have never heard of it, it is essentially a GTA with iPhone. Here is the lynching part.

Serious parties in Watch Dogs you will be called to take part in a technology-fought warfare between hacking organizations in the wake of the prodigy hacker Aiden. Without revealing more detail on the plot I can tell you that gameplay is quite similar to that of GTA such as mechanics shootings, guide andopenworld, but seasoned stealth and ingenious puzzles that you can easily cure in a number of situations. Obviously to steal a car will not break the window but you will disable the anti-theft by unlocking the doors through smartphones.

But, in my opinion, the charisma is big.

Without taking away the taste of discovery of a title that, in my opinion, is really fantastic and fun, I leave you magic link.

The timing ranges for collecting the free game are these: 7 November 2017 17: 00 - 13 November 2017 17: 00.

To get the game you will be required to use the owner's launcher Ubisoft uPlay, anything Steam this time, but that's all. Take it and play it all, thanks to me, the one and timeless Accattino.

Before killing me and flaming for the presumed delay, before plundering you because you came before me, you know that as usual I have a life and there are publication timings, although you are reading now these lines have come a long way before you writing this text on the cellphone as soon as the base is learned. And remember that I do it for you!

Spread the verb as usual and thank you very good today Garados always in the front line with the reports!