The problem of hackers and cheaters in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has risen recently, with a strong response from the gaming community - sometimes with reactions rather bizarre. Perhaps in the interest of avoiding further net cafe collusion around the world, developers have apologized to players for "discomfort caused by hackers," and have said, in a post on Steam, who will do their utmost to identify and ban hackers, and encourage a proper game environment.

The month of August had already seen the introduction of a new Code of Conduct for the game, followed by a online form very simple to signal the presence of cheaters; but it goes far beyond. According to the creator of the game, Brendan Greene, a competitive game can not afford to tolerate cheats. If a player's abnormal activity is detected, his profile is suspended for probation; if these then confirm the use of codes and tricks, the profile is subject to permaban, without the possibility of appeal.