Il BlizzCon this year has given us many new things, one of them was announced right from the start, during the opening ceremony: the playoffs StarCraft II, starting from November 14, it will become free-to-play.

All Windows and MacOS users will then be able to play the expansion Wings of Libertywho already owns the game will be able to download for free the additional content Heart of the Swarm starting on November 8 until maximum December 8.

An important step made by Blizzard with StarCraft II: the game will be upgraded to the latest version and will include all the upgrades made with updates over time; with the free-to-play version you will have free access to versus and co-op mode, with all the commanders available without any limit.

The reason that pushed the software house is related to the will of Expand even more the game pool of the game, bringing both experts and newcomers closer to the world of eSports, being StarCraft II one of the most played titles within the competition, including a scheduled tournament for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.