For once I can exhume my historical memory, without doing research and simply saying I was there.

I was present on Crushridge when the first Italian community of World of Warcraft was rising.

I was present in the first kill ally side of Onyxia always Crushridge in a team up among some Italians and Greeks.

Now all those emotions can come back as a time (at least hopefully).

Blizzard server ads World of Warcraft Classic, feature that for years has been requested to the creative company of this fantastic MMORPG which by 13 years dominates practically undetermined of its kind.

There is not much news about it, but if you give me so much, this World of Warcraft Classic it should be a graphically revamped version of what slang players call Vanilla, ie the game without any expansion, with the level cap set at 60, where 300 weapons were still skilled, hitting a mannequin for hours, where the hunters still had to buy the bullets (oh my God, let's hope not!), where the paladins had to dress with the Devout Set of the Priest because the pieces in plate didn't have the intelligence values ​​among the available stats and where only the horde had access to the Blood Lust.

Sorry, now I leave you to the video and come back to cry of joy and nostalgia