In addition to being a great platform, Super Mario Odyssey it will also transform you into fashion lovers. In the title, in fact, there are dozens of different costumes for our red plumber that will finally be able to take off the salopettes.

The following includes some ergo spoilers, if you have not finished the game, go back here some time.

In a recent video of GameXplain it is shown how Mario's different outfits are not just a mere embellishment. Depending on the clothes you wear, you may have different phrases from Bowser during the final fight. Each encounter begins with Koopa's King who makes a generic observation of the kind:

Gwahahaha! Do you want to chew on my wedding, Mario? Are you serious?

Not to mention your outfit ... Do you really think you're dressed up for the occasion ?!

Some costumes may, however, give rise to unique responses. Here's the following: