Developers of Overwatch are increasingly active in trying to curb the community's toxicity tide by adopting much faster and fierce ban. The latest story of the genre "has been banned for no reason" has led to a rather interesting revelation on the types of abuse Blizzard is fighting for. It seems that the ban may also arrive for the spam of the characters' audio.

A player on PlayStation 4 wrote on the Blizzard forum to comment on the audio ban, even though at that time did not use any microphone. As is often the case, a Blizzard developer, Scott Mercer, answered and clarified the matter.

Based on the comments of the players accompanying the various reports, it seems like you've made audio spam, even without a microphone, you did not help and you showed little sportiness by killing you ... "

The relevant detail is "audio spam", After some confusion by the player, Mercer cited the rules about the abuse of the chat:

Any form of hate speech, discriminatory, obscene, or continuous. Threatening or harassing another player in both teams is unacceptable, regardless of the words used. Yes, if I spamming the character's audio continuously or in such a way as to harass other players, then you might be banned.