With Destiny 2 finally arrived on PC, Bungie he wrote a post on the blog where there is one video update about the future of the game. The post also includes information about the next patch, the 1.0.6, scheduled for next week, and a list of known issues that came to light after the release of the latest release. Here are the statements of the game manager, Christopher Barrett:

We've been playing for seven weeks, and like Destiny's experiences that came before, we always think where the game is going. We are still planning to include the improvements listed below in the game, but we wanted to let you know what we are working on.

Barret said that Bungie is currently focused on:

  • New systems and awards to give players more engaging more activities.
  • Better incentives for players completing challenging activities.
  • Better prizes and greater re-playability for assaults and more.
  • Private Games for the Competitive Community (in 2018).
  • Best incentives for completing the Crucible games (and penalties for ragequit).
  • Continuous improvements to the Iron Strip and Woodstock Contests, including the uniqueness of prizes.
  • Continuous enhancements to exotic, including adjustments to reduce duplication.
  • New ways to spend currency and excess materials.