Amazon has announced a new service available to customers First: this is Amazon Key, a remote lock system that allows courier to deliver a parcel to our home, even during our absence.

At the cost of 250 dollars, the customer receives a security camera at home - Amazon Cloud Cam - and a lock smart for the doorstep.
If there is no one in the house to receive the parcel, the courier will be able to authenticate itself to Smart Lock, in effect a numeric keypad, which will activate the security camera. If the identification is correct, the courier will then leave the parcel in the house before leaving; the customer can watch everything live on the cellphone, or check the recording later.

We would like to point out that the camera also includes a night viewer - just to stay safe - and the padlock can also be used to give temporary, recurrent or permanent access to the home to your friends and relatives (for example, if you need someone to bring you to eat at the cat!).
In a sense, service embodies the contrasting needs of our time: comfort or privacy?

Amazon Key is only available in the United States for now, but it is likely that a positive reception will follow a future diffusion.