Welcome to the corner of 'Accattino my dear sparagnosauri, lately do the socks do frequent? More and more often thanks to your reports, albeit not always. Remember that I am the senpai.

In this moody time of sparagnate supreme even today I bring you the usual base. Guns of Icarus Free and for Steam. You have no idea what it is? Well, I try to explain it in a few simple words. You have to keep in mind Pirates of the Caribbean? Good. Keep in mind the flying boats of final Fantasy? Great. Swirl with a little of Steampunk, keep the whole thing and the plate is served.

Basically the game consists of making war in teams by 4, before you start a game you will be asked to choose which role to play between captain, gunboats e engineer, there is no need to tell you that the captain is still the most important role and requires more experience, you will have to master the movements of the flying ship at the rudder by speeding also depending on the field of view etc. Pay particular attention to enemies hidden behind the clouds.

The game was founded through Kickstarter in the 2013, reaching the remarkable sum of 35000 $ in the month of February only. In short, a good goal for Muse Games. The game is still nice, especially if you play with friends using voice chat, not a masterpiece but hey, it's free and we're all on the same boat, the boat of poverty. Yarr.

Long life to 'Accattino, spread the verb!