We are all waiting for Super Mario Odyssey, but fans of the blue hogwarts in a few days may also have the title of their bestowal: Sonic Forces will come on consoles and PC the 7st November and in these hours, in the Japanese eShop of Nintendo Switch, is available for download a demo that lets you try three levels.

Accessing the Japanese eShop from our consoles is not a problem: Nintendo Switch is in fact region-free and just create a Japanese account and connect it to the console via the multi-account to download and buy the titles of other stores (in fact it is worth also for the American one).

Sonic Forces

All in all there is only a small curiosity, or problem if we so want to call it: the demo allows you to play just one minute on the level, which makes the test really very short, with not even time to get confident with the game controls.

The demo of Sonic Forces so he's the protagonist's perfection, as fast as the sound, maybe too much!