The fight continues to be bigger and more powerful (hardware of course) and the challenge between PlayStation 4 Pro e Xbox One X continues uninterruptedly. On the paper, Microsoft's console is benefiting, but we have seen it several times as titles of the size of Uncharted 4 o Horizon Zero Dawn they can bring a truly amazing rendering.

The discourse changes, however, when we talk of multiplatform games like Middle-earth: The Shadow of War which, analyzed by Digital Foundry, has actually highlighted how the Xbox One X version is better in every respect, above all it is possible to notice how the greater number of RAM allows for more defined textures and a higher maximum resolution.

The question we make is therefore more general and not just related to this specific title: the Shadow of War will be an isolated case, or we will have to wait here all the best multiplatforms on Xbox One X at the expense of PlayStation 4 Pro? Players have a tough judgment.