This is undoubtedly one of the most special news that I have found before. It seems that someone has found the famous game Tetris hidden in the dashboard display of some Russian trucks.

The series of trucks and trucks GAZelle Next seems to present the game as an easter egg, so as to allow drivers to get a game during the moments of rest. The game, as you can see from the video below, works correctly.

The entire activation process is recorded in real time and a user has translated what is said by the man and the procedure is done to make a match:

Start the ignition, 2) start the vehicle, 3) activate the right arrow for three flashes, 4) to flash the 2 5 6 high intensity beams) push the clutch five times, 3000) restart the engine at XNUMX revolutions while hold the left gauge dial counterclockwise.

If there is a truck driver among you who works in Russia and uses those trucks, that you go straight ahead!