Valve has again modified what, in all respects, is considered as the Counter Strike GO's Sacred Map: Dust2. Considered among the best multiplayer maps in general, it is very difficult to dramatically improve it without accidentally altering or altering overall synergy. Will Valve succeed in this delicate business? Here's what a number of Counter Strike map makers think.

The new version gives the map a graphical update, adding new textures and images. Some cover spots have also been modified to improve the travel speed.

Here's what it says David Johnson a Kotaku, Dust and Dust2 creator for the first Counter-Strike:

I think everyone expected some layout changes, like those made on Dust and Cobble, and I was a bit surprised that it didn't happen. Part of me couldn't wait to play a map of Dust that I didn't do.

Patrick Murphy, who designed the Agency map and now works at DICE, shares what Johnson said, but added that perhaps it is better.

One might argue that they did not try to evolve the map but I have difficulty sharing that argument. Perhaps some things should remain the same. It is a cultural heritage.

He added that readability (ie the ability to immediately understand an area and the position of other players) and the use of space have been improved. Finally, Shawn "FMPONE" Snelling, creator of Cache and Santorini, explained that Valve gave the map a very cohesive and "tactile" look, making it easier to read the environment.

The rich surfaces offer a really pleasant structure to look at. Great style, with open visuals, excellent carved surfaces, rich details, quiet spaces and relaxing lighting. The map is perceived as more realistic and more specific than previous versions, but it also feels fun and optimistic (something extraordinarily difficult to do).