In the beginning it was Pokémon Stadium; for the first time we could see the Pokémon the sack of holy reason as any baby dreamed of seeing the cartoon on television and from there, thanks to the advancement of technology, the dream of seeing a chapter in the main series in three dimensions he's always left.

A touch with Pokémon Colosseum e Pokémon XD they are certainly not enough as these are relatively spin-offs, and landing in the 3D world with Pokémon X e Y before and Sun e moon then it's not really what everyone really wants - a fully explored world with the ability to fight and capture creatures in complete freedom. Self Nintendo e Game Freak still have not thought of (we trust in the developing chapter for switch), instead he started working Felipe Gouvea, a passionate who is developing Red Fire Pokémon with the Unreal Engine 4 giving life to Pokémon Origins, of which a first demo is already downloadable.

The game, as you can see from the video, uses the third person view and allows you to move freely in the game world, with fighting leaving the turn structure to adopt that in real time. The work is definitely appreciative, though it is obvious that something so amateur could never be "accepted" by Pokémon fans, given the really animated bass animation and almost silent graphics details.

We will see how this will evolve, though as often happens with Nintendo IPs, probably Pokémon Origins it will not last long.