As often happens, the right questions to ask are not "if" but "when" a certain event will happen and this is the case of 'hacking of SNES mini.

When it was finally discovered since HACKCHI he put us "even" a week to crack the SNES mini and now you can connect your portable console to your PC via USB and modify the internal software allowing you to add more games SNES (an opportunity I honestly would have implemented directly if I was Nintendo asking for ridiculous costs for each rom added in the order of the 50 cents, max 1 euro and would still be fat gains).

Hacking was inevitable since the SNES mini is in fact a emulator with a beautiful dress.

Obviously like all hacking you risk to blow yours SNES mini, then calculate the risks well if you want to proceed (and at the moment there are no unbricking processes like the Custom Rom for mobile phones).

Of course, even without hacking, this SNES mini it will keep you busy for a long time (considering some games inside it), but many of you, as soon as announced the list of present games, complained that this title was missing rather than the other.

How will she take it Nintendo?

They seem to be really destroyed !!!

Apart from this, NeoGAF has published a guide for the procedure that, once again, is not safe and risks destroying yours SNES mini!

Meanwhile, our Fraws has published a video about how to build one's own SNES mini at our home