Did you think about saving yourself from the new "mini" fashion? MISTAKEN.

This time it comes back to Nintendo (and with this we are at 3) which in September apparently registered the brand Game Boy (but only in Japanese territory for now in the video game machine section).

The Big N has repeated the same way it followed for the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classics Mini and if they escaped, they also filed (but in July) patents for the controller Nintendo 64 (and therefore the appeal would only miss the Gamecube).

Taking the right interpretation of the intentions of Nintendo, what are the titles that according to you do not have to ABSOLUTELY miss the eventuality Game Boy Mini?

By memory I could call Tetris, Super Mario Land, Red / Blue Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Zelda: Link's Awakening and who knows how many other people are escaping at the moment.

But you've got tired of this fashion, considering that by now all of these games you can safely have them on official emulators on Smartphones, so it's true that there are special covers that just transform your cell phones into Game Boy as you can see in this link, or play them through Virtual Console.

I know that collecting is exaggerating ...