Blizzard is including a number of new social features in the beta version of its desktop application, including user profiles, avatars, and group chat. It is a remarkable move that seems to indicate that the creators of Overwatch and World of Warcraft are trying to relaunch the brand recently upgraded by transforming it into a real social platform.

Adding customizable profiles allows users to choose an avatar, share links on their different social media accounts, and tell the world what's in their minds writing a state. A new called group chat feature will also be created Blizzard Groups which will allow users to connect with friends by creating and joining groups according to their common interests. From there, they can keep their contacts, share strategies, and find the conversations they might have lost while offline.

An example of new features

Each group can have multiple text chat and voice chat channels, while group administrators will receive a variety of tools to manage members and send invitations. All of these social interactions can be managed through the appropriate tab, which essentially constitutes the new hub for the social features of

These features are designed to give Blizzard players even more ways to stay connected and we look forward to continuing to evolve the application and create even more ways to stay in touch and join forces for the next adventure.

Every single user can try out the new social features by going to the beta version of the app. To do so, just go to the application settings, click the "Beta" tab and then turn it on.