As you know, we participated in the Milan Games Week as press officers. The general idea about Italian "gaming" fairs remains basically negative and unchanged, but before firing the article from hater, I want to remember those (few) beautiful things crossed in Milan. Quickly and in random order:


  • Detroit: Become Human. Tried in preview at Milan Games Week, he has definitely confirmed his expectations. Hype over 9000000
  • Days Gone. Same thing for Detroit, even if slightly less. Although worthy, he gave the impression of being already seen
  • God of War. Although there is no Demo present, it was possible to view a very consistent behind-the-scenes / trailer. Will be bought ...
  • Symbol codes for Destiny 2. I was not aware of this beforehand. Basically, anyone who tried Destiny 2 received a special emblem code dedicated to the GW. Asking around for a while I go to discover that those for Destiny have come to cost even 100 euros. Unfortunately, too late: I had already sent it to our Social Media Manager, Valerietto. You must at least half full!
  • An Inflatable Trust Shield. Randomly exploiting my height at the expense of poor children, he was my companion until the end of the fair. Here in a rare photo with Merlo, a famous Italian swimmer.

    Milan Games Week
  • Space for indie. I will dedicate special items to each of them, meanwhile I am limited to a quick list of those you can not miss. Circle of Sumo, The Land of Pain, Singularis, Milan, Oops !, Blind, Atomine, Sine Requie: Snake Eyes, Okunoka. Besides, of course, the well-known ones Riot, Downward, Slaps and Beans and Luna City. 
  • The press room: infinite coffee and luscious sandwiches. Not bad.
  • Tim Schafer. Perhaps the only meeting really worthy of note as well as sensible.
  • Last but not least, the gnagna. I reserve a special mention for AK Informatica, which has always been at the forefront when it comes to maidens.

Milan Games Week
A short editorial on how much annoyance and discomfort these fairs cause me every time.