The size is not important, but how it is used. If this phrase can make you think of something, we actually refer to what's probably going to be fashionable recently with Nintendo before (NES Mini e SNES Mini) and with the review, albeit unofficial, of the Commodore 64 , called for the occasion C64 Mini.

Apparently it does not end there and Koch Media has another icon in the 80, never too much loved Female friendPaul Andrews, CEO of Retro Games ltd., revealed in fact, your company already has an agreement to develop an Amiga Mini, although the thing is not as simple as it may seem. Amiga's logos and license rights have always been very fragmented and it has always been difficult to achieve something that would revive the historic brand: we have the Belgian company Hyperion who holds the rights to develop the operating system and the brand of AmigaOS from 4.x, the Italian ACube Systems e A-Eon Tecnology which produced the AmigaOne machines with PowerPC architecture with the latest AmigaOS operating system, and finally the American Amiga Inc. which has the rights to the "A" logo and the "Amiga" brand.

Female friend

In short, agreeing was quite complicated, but in April this year Amiga Inc. decided not to renew the rights and this allowed the Italian company Cloanto to register the trademarks in June and to create, together with Retro Games ltd,Amiga Minias confirmed by Andrews.

We will therefore have a new iconic 80 icon ready to return, which will make the joy of all old computer lovers and collectors who are not letting go of the opportunity to relive the story with the mini versions of their favorite consoles.