Remember (and how to forget it) Knack? The game had been presented and sold bundled with PlayStation 4 and for that reason, despite the low quality, sales were pretty good. Sony he came back with us Knack 2 and indeed has managed to develop a better title in all respects, except perhaps in the most important one for the software house itself, sales.

According to the numbers provided by Famitsu, Knack 2 has only sold 2.601 copies, while second Dangeki, another tracker, you barely get to the 2.106, not even entering the top 30 of the best selling titles. The really amazing thing is that, in both cases, copy more copies in less, we talk about a total that is about the 1% of what the first Knack sold in the first week of launch, which came to 322.083.

Knack 2

As mentioned earlier, the big Knack numbers are almost entirely due to the bundle with the console but it's really amazing how the mediocrity of the first chapter has so heavily affected the sales of Knack 2 which, in fact, is a better title in all aspects of the game. What do you say, users are really shaken and disappointed with this saga, before thinking of any Knack 3 we invite Sony to think of it over and over again.