We are honest, in many of us abroad we see Italians as deceitful and often dishonorable people.

But how well do we know the whole world is country and this time it even touches the Sovereign Solothurn smacking of having to have someone in his population to be referred to as a "swindler."

It seems that Kojio Takada, former sales manager of Square Enix (whose name also appears in securities credits like Dragon Quest), has used the name of his old company to buy customer contracts with various gaming consoles, justifying the purchase of such hardware as needed for the success of the deal.

All this was aimed at reselling them privately, causing a loss of about 1,4 million Yen (equal to $ 12.374,00) to Square Enix.

The operation set up by Takada took place between November 2011 and September 2013, causing a tough reaction within the top floors of Square Enix, who is taking care of the repairs, reviewing the training of their employees, to prevent future cases like this.

Certainly we in Italy would have been able to cash in, at the current exchange rate, far more than the 10.500,00 euro! (PS jokes, do not kill me!)