After a troubled development, finally the October 17 will arrive in stores the new one South Park: Diet Boxing, which will bring us back to live a fantastic and irreverent adventure up PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. The issues faced in the game or, better, how they are faced, resemble the whole style of cardboard and Ubisoft he wanted to do things great, making buyers participate and giving a lucky winner a chance to participate in dubbing the game.

Are you already clearing your voice to make a good impression? Maybe you should lighten something else. "I am the Fart"Is in fact a competition that will decree who will be the one who will have the honor of lending the sound of one's own pet for one of the powerful (and smelly) deadly weapons of the protagonist. This last pet's challenge started yesterday, October 2, and will be held until this month's 16, with 23 publishing the results: what you have to do to apply is only record and send a video that you focus on and shoot the most powerful rocket you've ever done (you can do it on the site by clicking on it here).

The contest winner will be chosen by a jury composed of members of the San Francisco Studio, Mr. Metano and a representative of South Park Digital Studios and the lucky shooter will reach Ubisoft's San Francisco studios for record your own white noise for use within the game.

Did you get to the end of the article or are you already in the kitchen preparing a nice pot of beans?