You have enjoyed the virtual reality with your beautiful and technological PlayStation VR? Sony has thought that what you have at home is now over, announcing, through the Asian company division, a new model known with the initials CUH-ZVR2 and available in Japan from the next 14 October.

The new PlayStation VR, at least in the lands of the Sol Levante, will only be available in the "PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera Bundle"Which will be on sale at 44.980 yen price; Among the novelties we find one stereo headset for headphones in the back, a redesigned cable which connects the external processor to the viewer to occupy less space and therefore be more compact and the native support for HDR signal thanks to the greater power.

The price will be the same as the current PlayStation VR, although it is possible to cut for the first model without making the choice of the new one obvious; no news at the moment for the West, if not the certainty of his arrival in Europe as well and America.