Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe officially announces the games that will be donated to subscribers PlayStation Plus In october. Of these, it certainly stands out METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain, fifth chapter of the saga of KONAMI and lastly cared for by the legendary Hideo Kojima, released in the far 2015 September.

Along with the stealth title we find the horror collection Amnesia: Collection, RIGS to PlayStation VR and several other titles for PS3 e PS Vita which we list below.

The Kojima Productions' farewell to the Metal Gear universe is the culmination of thirty years of state-of-the-art development: an unparalleled open-world stealth movie that has brought together many different elements.

In the shoes of the legendary Big Boss soldier, you will have to do raids in the dangerous areas of Afghanistan and Central Africa to free your fellow captured and recruit new staff to rebuild your decimated army.

During the adventure, you will develop new weapons, gain strategic goals, and discover the obscure figures that betrayed your organization. All in the name of revenge.