A few days ago we told you how Nintendo has blocked the project Super Mario 64 Online, but the Big N is not the only home that is legally made to claim its copyright, Atlus.

The manufacturer of the series Person, just in the fifth chapter, he made one DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) to block the project RPCS3 (Once again Patreon as a means of funding for these projects), emulator for PS3.

An emulator screen in action

Just thanks to this emulator, 5 person was also playable on PC, platform that Atlus does not support.

The reasons for the action were two: the first is that Atlus think the best way to enjoy a game like that 5 person either on the platforms for which it was created (so no framedrop, crash or any other problem can be derived from emulation), the second is purely protective of its products (rightly, I dare say).

Il DMCA did not lead to the closing of the emulator (still available on the site), but simply removed all links to 5 person.

All in all, fans continue to ask for a verbal version for PC of the masterpiece of Atlus, who has only responded with a laconic "We are listening!" (let's hope…).

It is not the first time Atlus uses the iron fist, since at the beginning of the year it had moved against some streamer showing in-game scenes of 5 person, which was not foreseen for the title (in fact, the key share should still be disabled until November).