The transition from video game to boardgame is a very common practice in recent times and after the success of Dark Souls, game-financed Kickstarter in just 3 minutes, Steamforged Games back to work with a piece of history with a high-sounding name: Resident Evil 2.

Things did not go as fast as they did Dark Souls, In fact Resident Evil 2 it took us "even" an hour before being fully funded, now the hunt for the stretch goals that characterize the crowdfunding platform will start (we are currently at 4 unlocked).


The game will be a survival horror cooperative, obviously set in the universe of resident evil, from 1 to 4 players. By interpreting the iconic characters of the series, the aim of the players is to escape from Raccoon city by avoiding the masses of zombies, having as a tradition the saga, very limited ammunition.

Also note the possibility to play Resident Evil 2 solo, an increasingly common option in the production of board games in recent years (just think of masterpieces like Mage Knight of Vlaada Chvati, so to name one of the most famous).

At this point with the 27 days remaining for the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we'll see if Resident Evil 2 will succeed in overcoming the $ 5 millions of dollars collected Dark Souls (currently traveling on the 300,000 dollars).