The unmistakable main theme di FINAL FANTASY by now, along with those of DRAGON QUEST e The Legend of Zelda, is in the collective imagination of players as one of the inoxidable soundtracks we will continue to listen to as long as these brands stay alive.

To compose this and many other famous pieces of the saga was Nobuo Uematsu which tells us, in the video that we show below, the genesis of this "Main Theme".

To celebrate the thirty years of his golden-egg hen, SQUARE ENIX has launched a call for the main theme, during which fans are invited to send their own creations that have to do with the saga and the song in particular to appear in a special commemorative video that will be broadcast in a few months . All details on how to participate are available in the publisher's press release.

Subscriptions are open to participate in the tribute video of fans of the FINAL FANTASY series

The famous composer of the series, Nobuo Uematsu, talks about his sources of inspiration for the famous "Main Theme"

MILAN (26 September 2017) - Square Enix Ltd. has released today a new video in which the famous composer of the series's music FINAL FANTASY®, Nobuo Uematsu, tells us about his sources of inspiration and the process of developing the iconic "Main Theme" of FINAL FANTASY.

With its unforgettable melodies and its ability to convey the emotions, passions and joys of the worlds of FINAL FANTASY, Nobuo Uematsu's contribution has helped raise the series to make it become the phenomenon that is today. To celebrate the 30 anniversary, Uematsu also takes this opportunity to present a new official contest held by Square Enix that invites fans to leave the mark in this unforgettable series.

This contest invites fans to show their talents and their creativity at the rhythm of the music of the "Main Theme" of FINAL FANTASY. You can participate with new versions of the Main Theme, original animations, dancing and other artwork, and the winners will be included in a fantastic fan tide video that will show their talents and creativity to the whole world. Entries are open from September 24 to November. To participate in the competition, visit:

To see Terms and Conditions, visit: