The new chapter of the plumber (or maybe ex?) most famous in the world is coming up Nintendo Switch and has already talked a lot about it: not only because it is already candy to GOTY, but also because for the first time we have a Super Mario title not suitable for younger children. Will we have blood, dead, scary monsters, and sex scenes? We would love, but in this case we are talking about only Japan, which has ranked Super Mario Odyssey with CERO B, the equivalent of ours PEGI 12 +, while Mario's old titles have always been CERO A.

Super Mario Odyssey

Why this decision? The first reason is what probably comes to mind: for the first time we will see Mario in costume and hence her superior nakedness in beautiful show, for the joy of the internet that has already made a meme of history. Nothing clear is clear, but as described by CERO B, we have entered a content sphere that is not suitable for children below the 12 years:

It contains some content that may not appeal to parents of children below the 12 years. It may contain mild sexual content, some violence, mild horror content, and rare use of profanity.

When I was talking about Japan alone, I did not do it by accident. An equivalent description in Europe is already found in it PEGI 7 + and in 'ESRB 10 +, so in the West it is less scabrous than the people of the Solomon Islands. There is, however, another factor that could escape a first analysis: own someone. No, not even in this case we are talking about sex, but Mario's ability to enter the body of his enemies and humans of New Donkey City thanks to the new ally Cappy. If Westerners are something mild, in Japanese culture and more generally the eastern thinking of possessions has "worried" the rankings agencies who probably wished to protect themselves to avoid future trouble with too protective parents.

In short, for more or less valid reasons, we find ourselves for the first time a chapter of Super Mario more adult, with scenes of "mild violence and sex"; now it really explains why you can bring it Nintendo Switch wherever we want, especially in the bathroom.