In recent years, the escape rooms and the Japanese company are increasingly in vogue scrap he has done a real creation and realization activity in the real world, but for his latest creation he wanted to do things in great demand for the collaboration of a notable game developer based on the escape rooms: the director of Zero Time Dilemma, Kotaro Uchikoshi.

Uchikoshi has been dedicating this activity for almost twenty years and is known for writing and directing the series Zero Escape (999: Nine Hours, Nine People, Nine Doors, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, e Zero Time Dilemma), where characters trapped in rooms have to solve puzzles to escape and ... not to die. Kotaro will then write the scripts of the last escape room created by Scrap, which operates in Japan and soon in the United States (in particular, next month in San Francisco) under the name of "The Pop Star's Room of Doom"

Zero Time Dilemma

However, there will be differences from previous work done by Japanese society: this escape room will in fact be a "real-time game"Which offers players ten attempts (or loop) to solve the mystery who holds them imprisoned:

In my [imagination], they will all work as they advance deeper into the "dungeon of time". At first you can reach only the first level, but repeating it in loops, you get closer to the depth of the dungeon. This game offers a different style of intellectual stimulation from the typical game of escape rooms so far conceived. I've always wanted this game to be brought to the United States, so it's great to see that it's finally going on! There were concerns about cultural differences between Japan and the United States, but I was confident because the experience of this game is universal. Fun is translated into any language!

However, making only a escape room scenario would not be so interesting; I want to add some sort of narrative that pushes to go on in the mystery.

With these words Korato Uchikoshi it speaks of its new creation that will probably be quite different from the escape rooms we are used to!