You could not follow the Nintendo Direct this night?

No problem. We are thinking about telling you what happened or rather what was presented inside it.

This Nintendo Direct it was beautiful full of stuff but we started with the two titles that hit me most.

The first obviously is Mario Odissey we all expected updates during this conference and we were not disappointed (considering all the rest of the material presented). The game is so much about, but during this Nintendo Direct two new worlds were presented.

The first world is Bubblaine (Seaside Kingdom), a fantastic tropical paradise where we will surely take advantage of Mario's provocative swimmers, while the latter is Shiveria (Snow Kingdom), Arctic world where we expect to see hordes of penguins making company to our hero.

But the most important news of all the Direct remains this: MARIO HAS THE HORSES!



Always linked to Mario Odissey the news (discounted as a Christmas balance) on the arrival of a dedicated bundle of Joy-Con Reds. The launch price the 27 October will 380$ (considering the 300 $ of the base console and the 60 $ of the new games, there will be a recharge of around 20 $ that we will have to see how it will be reflected in Euros).



The other title that made me cautious about this Nintendo Direct is the new RPG of Square Enix, produced by the team that gave us that little gem that is Bravely Default.

Exclusive for Nintendo Switch, the game, from the title Project: Octopath Traveler, it's pretty much everything a fan of RPGs can want.

The nicest thing you can do with the demo already today and so, unless you have some serious excuse (work does not matter) just give us an eye.

The only drawback of this announced masterpiece is that the release date is scheduled for next year, but the period has not yet been specified (and the fear of having to wait more than half a year).



You are short of news on Pokemon? Here's the latest up Pokémon Ultra Sun e Ultra Moon, with the presentation, among other things, of two Ultra Beast (Burst for Sun and Assembly for Moon), coming on 17st November (with a preview of the 2DS branded Pokémon, coming on the 3 November).



Mario and Luigi fans will be happy to know that from October 6 they will be able to play the remake of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga to the "modest" price of 40$ (40 € is probable), accompanied by Amiibo of a Goomba and a Koopa.

Also on 6 October (the day of the release of the remake of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga) will be put on the market a New 2DS XL Orange. Did you feel the real lack?


Always for 3DS (but was not in the waning phase, now dead and sold off?) Here is a title dedicated to Kirby, the Nintendo home vacuum cleaner: Kirby Battle Royale, a frantic brawler with the ability to play both single player and online multiplayer on January 2017.

Your Minecraft thirst does not know any limits and even if you've played on any existing support you still want? Quiet, if you are in possession of one of the new portable consoles (3DS or 2DS), those with enhanced hardware, you can finally play Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition and the nice thing you can play from today (it's already available for download).

But who does not get tired of it in any way, Mario and Nintendo really know that, in fact, we propose a collection of the best 100 minigames of the various "Mario Party" titles in this Mario Party: Top 100 always coming on 3DS from the 10st November.

Last bundled news for 3DS during this Nintendo Direct this time comes from Atlus still pointing to the portable Nintendo Nintendo console and presents 4 games coming on this platform.

Etryan Odissey: Beyond the Myth (whose demo is already available on eShop) coming to the 17 October. This demo has all the unlocked characters and classes that will allow you to play up to the 10 level and the third level of Yggdrasil, but above all it will allow you to use the save of this demo to start the adventure in the final game (and thus not start from scratch ).

From the team responsible for "The Legend of Legacy," the FuRyu study, we have The Alliance Alive, Very classic turn-based RPG (with superdeformed graphics) scheduled for 2018 start.

Coming too Radiant History: Perfect Chronology, remake of 2010's ononimate title, with new dubbing, a third timeline to explore, new theme song, new 5 tracks and a beautiful intro by A-1 Pictures.

Closes the package Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, this also foreseen for 2018.

Now let's go to Nintendo Switch, so we've got a lot of things to do (in addition to Mario Odissey and Project: Octopath Traveler we've already talked about).

For fans of Splatoon 2 Here are new (old) maps for the favorite game for the new Nintendo console of our Fraws. Already from September 15th will be available Kelp Dome Arena (updated and modified), present in the first Splatoon, while arriving a new arena, Snapper Canal, and a new weapon or better shield, the Try Brella (with the date still to be defined for the last two).

Small update also for ARMS, as with a small update will be added a new fighter, named Lola Pop, but above all the ability to remake game controls.

One of the most anticipated titles definitely for Switch is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and we can enjoy it under the Christmas tree, actually actually a little earlier, as the release is scheduled for December 1 2017. Obviously, since the hype is never enough, a special edition has been presented that will include an Art Book, a CD with soundtrack and a metal case. Along with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will also launch a Pro Controller themed.

Arriving on November 10 an extended version of Snipperclips, a puzzle game that accompanied the launch of Switch. Extra content will be available separately if you already own the basic game. This extended version features 30 new levels and a mode in which Snipperclips will start with a casual body shape.

Are you ready to put your hands on? Good because Fire Emblem Warriors, Musou's spin-off of the famous saga, is coming on October 20. Although not a big fan of the genre, the game seems to be fun and of course Nintendo does not miss the opportunity to launch two new Amiibo, Chrom and Tiki.

Things are getting serious. To date we have been accustomed to seeing on Nintendo's home consoles colorful cartoons. But Bethesda it wants to grow and here they are presented during this Nintendo Direct is Doom and Wolfestein II: The New Colossus for Nintendo Switch. While the first title will be available during Christmas holidays, for the second we should wait for an unspecified date for 2018, but we are true patients? Obviously the games will suffer a certain graphic downgrade, but the possibility of dropping monsters and Nazis in the meter on Switch seems to me to be downsizing!

If Minecraft has infested all the platforms in this universe, you can not say the same about Skyrim and in fact it is coming on Switch the Skyrim: Special Edition with exclusive features for Nintendo's home console. We will use our Joy-con to staple locks or bow, without forgetting the unlockable Zelda-Style equipment through the use of Amiibo details. All arriving on November 17.

You are in abstinence from titles Virtual Console? Do not you want to play classics in the past? Those Nintendo scammers (who have already fretted us with NES and SNES mini) know very well that we are nostalgic and September 27 will be able to buy Arcade Archives Mario Bros. (not to be confused with Super Mario Bros, which is the classic we all know), a revised and correct version of the game that created the myth of Mario and Luigi as hydraulics (although we know very well that by now Mario left this job so long does).

Announced to follow Super Mario Bros. (this time is what you all know), Baloon Fight, Ice Climber, Pinball, Clu Clu Land and especially Punch Out (I hope I have a dedicated Joy-con control system).

Next year you will also be able to dedicate yourself to block constructions thanks to Dragon Quest Builder, a Minecraft-like clone (but a lot smoother, because it's Dragon Quest).

Kirby also arrives on Switch with a very interesting platform / puzzle game by name Kirby: Star Allies. The peculiarity of the game will be to have 3 comrades controlled by the AI ​​to combine the skills to complete the levels we are going to tackle. The gameplay looks very well taken care of, but Kirby, being one of Nintendo's leading characters, is hardly making mistakes on such games.

And with Kirby we close the news on this Nintendo Direct: what is the most anticipated game among those presented?