Available for all holders of STAR WARS ™ Battlefront ™ and for a limited time free of charge season pass Star Wars Battlefront (PC version) which includes:

  1. Expand Orlo External Expansion Pack
  2. Bespin Expansion Pack
  3. Black Death Expansion Pack
  4. Expansion Pack Rogue One: Scarif

Included in the "price" also a 'exclusive emote "Sorry if I got dirty a little", weapons, stellar cards and unpublished vehicles for a total of 20 new equipment, In addition to 16 multiplayer maps, 4 new modes gambling and the ability to use or fight others 8 characters.

It is not known how long this offer will remain active so take advantage of it all at once, because even though the price was not excessive (€ 19,90) as it is said by my own parts "Free is also done bis"

Also available for free PS4 e XBOX One (but only if subscribed to Xbox Live Gold).