You go back to the space for discovering unexplored lands and, probably, hostile to man: from creators of Lifeless Planet in which we were on a planet at fifteen light years away from Earth, land on Kickstarter the new chapter That's no planet: Lifeless Moon, which will put us in charge of some astronauts in mission on the hidden face of the moon.

Lifeless Moon will be similar to the first chapter, exploring the third person of mysterious lands in a genre that mixes platform and linear history, but this time we will have a "more focused focus on puzzles", Many of which take place in person. The Kickstarter campaign will be considered completed once you reach at least dollars 17.000 (£ 13k): with a donation of $ 10 (£ 7.50), a digital pre-order is secured, while $ 20 (£ 15) will give access to the beta.

Pending new information, here are you the first video shown to the public during PAX West: