They all wanted (or almost) and maybe they are coming up: brand unmistakable on Xbox One e PlayStation 4 with different names, Trophies would seem to come on Nintendo Switch, at least according to a developer Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition during an AMA session on Reddit.

Talking about the game and why the version for Switch does not have online rankings, Tom Tomaszewski stated the following:

Nintendo does not officially support Achievements and Leaderboards, as do Sony or Microsoft, but as far as we know, we are working on it. We will see how this goes on and we will add the charts later.

After saying this and realizing it was something secret, after the many requests for clarification from the users, comes the answer ready, which somehow tries to retract:

Ops. Let's go ahead, we pretend nothing.

PS. Seriously - I have a strong feeling that Nintendo has mentioned them several times.

Confirmation? Denial? At present we can not say anything official but one simple rumor, but being exposed so much makes us think that, in fact, there is something in preparation for Nintendo Switch, despite Tomaszewski then tried to retract the thing and curb the enthusiasm of all users.