W, during a special streaming event aired over the last few hours, revealed a new free-to-play card game based on Magic: The Gathering, claiming that the title will focus on a "fast, exciting and easy to follow"And simply called, Magic: The Gathering Arena.

This is the first title developed internally by the Digital Games Studio of Wizards of the Coast and according to the report Jeffrey Steefel, the company's digital game development vice president, The Gathering Arena will have the complete rules of the original card game with continuous support:

We want to create the deepest and richest digital card game on the market so that those who watch it enjoy themselves as they are playing

Magic: The Gathering Arena has been developed to be able to first run on Windows PCs, but being based on Unity the goal is to "Expand the game on other platforms as soon as it is ready"And from the beginning of the beta phase, the testers will focus on the Casual Constructed format, with the cards of theIxalan expansion.

If you want to be part of the first players you can subscribe to the closed beta on PlayMTGArena.com; for all the details we report to official post written by Jeffrey Steefel.