Uaglioni sparagnosauri, now you know, sometimes a month without sometimes two in a day, this is life from Accattino, a wolf life in the Bronx.

Ok, the game in question is the "successor"Spiritual Chivalry Medieval Warfare, criticized but enjoyed game over the years and still played. Let's face it, this poor one The Mirage,, which also shares the mechanics, is not bad, it was simply unlucky.

However, the title was kept alive with constant updates

The developers themselves stated that they did not want to lose the game on which they worked years, and with peaks of 7 players online they decided to make it free for 24h and then make a nice cut at the price by bringing it to 10 €. The game is a first-person online multiplayer where you basically beat yourself with swords, spells, improper games and curses. How good is it now? Steam got used to it, just add the game to your library for "keepparlo forevah".

LINK ACCATTINO <- Use it carefully and sparingly, but above all there is a little trick of Magic Shots, to run it you will need to 19:00 Italian time click on the screaming link AVARO KEDAVRA!

The return to work has been detrimental after the holidays, forgive your poor Accattino. I leave you with an excerpt of official communication in the original language and the link to the same, remember to spread the verb Accattino!

"Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be Free for a Day on Steam starting tomorrow, September 6th at 10am PT. For 24 hours only, add Mirage to your library - and keep it forever. After 10am PT on September 7th, the free promotion will end - but the Standard Edition price will drop to $ 9.99 USD permanently. "

Mirage Steam - Click here