My dear friends sparagnosauri, welcome back to a new corner ofAccattino.

Today's game is a "past" pearl belonging to the category platform / adventure game. Well, without losing you in the long run, you've already read it in the title, I'll tell you about it SteamWorld Dig.

One of the few third party games shown in even one Nintendo Direct, has managed to break into the hearts of many players thanks to its simple but at the same time damn funny fun.

He is Rusty, is not he nice? eh? EH?

The story unfolds in a parallel universe where only steam robots built around the 1865 survive after a zombie apocalypse, these steampunk androids have also maintained the lifestyle of their cowboy inventors of the era. Humanity has disappeared and we will go to impersonate Rusty, a "young" robotic who will try to bring his father back to life. Stop, I do not want to spoil you anymore.

On the other hand you are here for the MAGIC LINK LUCK, what else may interest you if you do not save money and accumulate precious games aggratise?

The news of the latest is that SteamWorld Dig 2 is about to arrive at the cost of about Ask us about international distributors on some of the platforms, starting on 21 Settembre with Nintendo switch, Via PS4 e PSVita at a distance of a few days and finally PC.

Having said that, as usual, remember to spread the verb! I AM THE LUCKY, I AM THE MASTER SPARAGNINO