A world phenomenon for decades, that of the Pokémon seems to be really unstoppable: there are a lot of fans who have been able to play the various chapters and spin-off the creation of Game Freak, but there are so many who would like to land a series on other consoles outside those Nintendo; a dream that, apparently, will remain so.

Junichi Masuda, one of the founders of Game Freak, said in a recent interview about the Pokémon brand and how the latter is practically the son of three different companies: Nintendo, Game Freak e Creatures Inc.; the close link between the first two would therefore lead to an impossible landing of creatures even on Sony and Microsoft consoles:

Everyone knows Nintendo and it is very important for us that Pokémon is associated with such a strong brand. I do not think they'll ever arrive on other platforms other than Nintendo.

Words of great impact that are now providing even more security than we are today with the main chapters and spin-offs always and only on the consoles of the Japanese company; but it is true that there is the saying "never say never", but at least fans at the moment Nintendo and Pokémon can sleep quietly.