Here we go again. I say it bitterly, because if it is true that for me it is material from article and for you material to laugh / cry, it is also true that the more Collector's items will be the embarrassing, the more these will become the standard. Hopefully this may not be.
Today the accused CE is the "Ultra (Sozza) Edition" by Project Cars 2. Here too, the usual issue of the thousandths of CE: Ultra, alongside the already existing Collector's Edition of the game, at the "modest" price of 160 euro, which obviously is not a collection. So here's the first catch for the cul *.
Let's go over to the exorbitant price. Lately, they seem to be competing for the bigger shooter. Of course, overcoming the 800 Euros of the Ladrata's Edition of AC: Origins will be difficult, but Project Cars 2 is on the right track. The declared price? 430 euro. 4 Pieces. You are welcome. Let's analyze the fantastic contents carefully:

Project Cars 2

  • Limited print on 1.000 copies: great. Too bad they do not need 4 pops to print on it a number c ****.
  • Includes the full featured Project CARS 2 enclosed in a Premium Steelbook ™ case designed for the occasion, the most popular collection collection package in the world. Thank god, at least the game is there.
  • The McLaren 720S sketch book: Take a unique journey through the development of this incredible supercar. Colored paper.
  • The Art Book of Project Cars 2. Oh, look, other colored paper.
  • The Esport Live VIP Pass: Present this pass to any member of the Slightly Mad Studios or Bandai Namco staff at Project CARS live Esport events anywhere in the world and enjoy all the benefits of a Project CARS VIP. Meet the development team, jump at the head of the queue and maybe even bring home some surprises! Cute initiative, potentially impossible to exploit.
  • A spectacular poster of Project CARS 2 signed by the SMS team as well as by the real pilots that make up the SMS-R team. Another fucked-up colored paper!
  • A Project CARS 2 Sticker Sheet: Incredible unique images and iconographies of Project CARS, SMS-R and Esport. PAINTED COLORED PAPER ON C **** I!
  • A limited edition embroidered cap. "But it's embroidered0o0o0! 11246 !!"
  • The exclusive Japanese Cars Pack. Experience the best of Japanese production with these additional contents that contain four cars of the famous Japanese manufacturers Honda and Nissan.
  • The Season Pass: Project CARS 2 will receive full post-launch support with new and spectacular content with dozens of cars as well as many tracks that will enhance and broaden the overall experience. All of these additional content will be available to season pass holders at the time they will be released at no extra cost
  • The Motorsport Pack *: Available only to Season Pass holders, this exclusive fan-racing car bonus package contains. Bonus in-game as good as sacrosanct, which does not require any production cost. We put 50 Euro for the Season Pass Cost, yes.

Know from you how, with only these elements, the 430 Euros appear to be a simply crazy request. But now, be careful: Lastly, I left the content to which the various free money market defenders will appeal. Do you know what's missing?

  • A resin model in 1 / 12 scale of the wonderful McLaren 720S in the exclusive SMS-R Stealth Satin livery

Olle! The statue certainly could not be missed, just as the new "gambling" weapon could not be missed: the resin. LA C *** O OF RESIN!

Project Cars 2
Resin or resin

Resin is the new "We steal money to people without realizing it". They even say they're good. After the article on shameful 800 Euros requested by AC: Origins , a lot of people took a sword deal to defend Ubisoft, explaining how resin statuettes have a high cost and that "if you do not want it do not buy it !! 11323114 !!!". I'm almost tempted to start a resin dildo production, who knows some resin fetish mouthpiece does not make me rich. 20 cm 300 euro... Oh, but it costs so much!