Is Rocket League too good? Do you believe that those brilliant cars are unjustly in the hands of red coopers? Do you believe that gypsies bounce better and have more aerodynamics than traditional balloons? Do you believe that the italic and virile scramble have all the cards in place to conquer Padania, Italy and the whole world? Your proposals have been heard and thanks to the genius of Marco Alfieri, with Ruspa League will be real. It is in fact from the creator of Call of Salveenee that comes the announcement of this pearl through its facebook page. The info about it is not many yet, but the description of the newborn facebook page is enough to promise us what we wanted.

"Ruspa League is the video game where you will have to fight to become North League leader. Choose your character, mount on the scrape and defend the Padania. "

Ruspa League


In a brief statement, Marco Alfieri announces that he has long been working on the new title, presents the facebook page and invites fans to support it just as it was done for Call of Salveenee. We will do it for sure!
If you want to know more, we invite you to follow the Ruspa League official website. In addition to the purely satirical question, we are always close to independent developers and we will continue to do so in every way and at every opportunity.