A few hours ago Niantic officially announced the appearance of another, highly anticipated legendary Pokémon within its app Pokémon GO, initially only for the Japanese territory: it is Mewtwo, the Pokémon number 150 in the first generation Pokédex.

The company has just confirmed that Mewtwo will also arrive in the rest of the world through the Raid Esclusive Battles, quite similar to the regular Raid Battle, with the only difference that players will need a sort of invitation for you to participate. All the details in the release distributed by the company through the official blog Pokémon GO Live, of which below we list the salient excerpts.

Mewtwo and the Raid Exclusive Battles

On the morning of today, the Coaches welcomed the real world at Pokémon Legendary Mewtwo during the event Pokémon GO Stadium which is held in Yokohama, Japan. Thousands of Coaches who were able to successfully fight against Mewtwo and add them to their Pokédex. In the coming weeks, you will also have the chance to fight and capture Mewtwo, thanks to the new Raid Esclusive Battleships system.

Le Raid Esclusive Battles they are similar to existing Raid Battles, but with some salient differences. Exclusive raids will appear periodically in gyms around the world; however, unlike existing raids, Coaches will be invited to take part in an Exclusive Raid Battle. To receive an invitation to participate in an Exclusive Raid Battle, Coaches will have to successfully complete a raid in the Gym where Raid Exclusive Battle will be held. The invitations they receive will contain information on when the raid will be held and will be sent well in advance to allow them to co-ordinate with other Coaches before facing the powerful Raid Boss. Mewtwo will be the first Pokémon that Coaches will face in Raid Exclusive Battles, but other powerful Pokémon will be able to get out of the Raid Eggs that will be in the Raid Exclusive Battles of the coming weeks.

According to the latest rumors, Mewtwo would have appeared in Italy near Rome. Have you been so fortunate enough to be able to see it?