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Emulators: Best Consoles?

It has never been for the mind to want to rethink or find an old man Super Mario? But obviously you! Just rubbing the old man NES of daddy, put on the cartridge and ... what? Don't have a cartridge? Si is broken? Or even worse ... Don't you have the hardware you need to play? Well, there are two ways you can follow.

La before (the most expensive and long) turns out to be eBay where with a hundred euros you bring home one NES yellowed with the super mario cartridge and a half-functioning pad ... ah let's not forget the long shipping times! Once the package has arrived at your destination, you are convinced that everything will work out for the best! Except that ... you have a modern TV, with VGA, HDMI, SCART sockets and even the RF antenna connection, that's where you'll have to connect the video output of your console. Thing? Does not work? Will you have to spend 10 € for a decent adapter? But it's obvious! Now that you have everything, what could go wrong? Oops, you find the game on TV with a disturbing flicker. Here's how you wasted time and money.

La second (the absolute best) is the use of an emulator. What's a EmulatorAn emulator, [...] is a component that replicates the functions of a given system on a second system different from the first  -Wikipedia.

Now that we know what it is we just simply google "Emulator pc" plus the name of the platform to emulate. Simple! Afterwards, just find a copy of your online game. 

Stop! we are pirating by chance the games? Hmmm ... maybe. In Italy, emulating a game is legal only if you have a physical copy of the game. And if that game is impossible to find or does it cost an eye from the head? Is it really worth it? Just remember the Mame (Acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), is nothing more than a universal emulator of the infinite game room cabinets, its purpose, along with other emulators is to keep alive the games of previous eras, non-profit! So emulating is not a crime if nobody gets it. (Editor's note As a good law-abiding editor, I think it appropriate to add that in any case the emulation is legal ONLY and ONLY if the original physical support containing the game is possessed. Basically playing with a rom is the equivalent of having your own backup copy to use for personal purposes so as not to ruin the original media)

Having clarified this aspect, it is not enough for us to find our game and start it with the emulator to discover the enormous differences compared to when you played on console! Yes, besides the time and the "costs", another advantage is the good execution of the game that can be determined by a better frame rate (frame per second or fps), a better resolution of the textures and the game, all accompanied by the choice of possible Filters, Shaders and Antialiasing. A paradise isn't it? Provided, however, that you own a PC that is more than decent and that it is not only depressing Intel Graphics (chills).

Today, with the recent production stop WiiU e PlayStation3 (peace to their soul) the respective emulators have established themselves even more: Cemu e RPCS3 (still working with some titles, but at the same time both in a testing state). Now also the PC MASTER RACE it can boast of playing titles like 5 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to a better quality (if you have a 1080Ti SLI).

In conclusion, who wins between emulator and console? You will surely understand it.


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